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Silenciosamente, aparecen las 5xx de Nvidia…

Poco ruido y aún menos pocas nueces… Que aparece de la generación 500 de Nvidia, como respuesta al lanzamiento de las 6000 de Ati? Si. Fotos (solo 2 y en forma de rumor…). Más rebranding muchachos?… Sip. Lo mejor que puede hacer la “Postura oficial” es seguir manteniendo el silencio…

Alleged Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 Image Emerges

Nvidia's Next-Gen Flagship GeForce GTX 580 Gets Pictured.
by Anton Shilov
Two pictures of a graphics card that is claimed to be Nvidia Corp.'s next-generation flagship product has emerged on a Chinese web-site. While there are no proves that the graphics card is indeed the new high-end product from Nvidia, it does not look like anything that is currently available from the company or its partners.
The images were published by Chinese-language PCinlife web-site with the claim that they represent Nvidia GeForce GTX 580, the company's forthcoming flagship product based on the code-named GF110 graphics processing unit (GPU). There are no evidences - besides the claim - that the pictured graphics board is indeed the GTX 580 and not something else powered by either Nvidia's current-generation chip or yet unknown processor.

The quality of the pictures suggests that they were taken from an official presentation by the company. This may be a prove that the product is indeed real and if it is indeed the GTX 580, then it may be weeks or months away.

Unfortunately, the images themselves do not reveal a lot of information about the alleged GeForce GTX 580. Based on what we see, the card has two DVI-I outputs as well as an HDMI connector, which means that the novelty does not support technologies like ATI Eyefinity that support up to six displays per card. The cooling system is rather big, but not too advanced, which may indicate that power consumption of the product depictured is not too high.
Regrettably, at the moment we know almost nothing about the GeForce GTX 580 graphics card. Earlier reports claimed that the novelty was based on a new code-named GF110 graphics processing unit that has 512 stream processors along with other improvements. Given the fact that Nvidia already has experience with GF100 with 512 SPs and its costs, it is logical to expect Nvidia to maintain the number of stream processors and refine the design of the chip rather than to design a chip with higher amount of execution units.
Nvidia has already confirmed the refresh of the whole Fermi lineup in 2011.
Nvidia did not comment on the news-story.
Fuente: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/video/display/20101028175435_Nvidia_s_Next_Gen_Flagship_GeForce_GTX_580_Gets_Pictured.html

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