jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

El mapa original de Christopher Nolan sobre los sueños de Inception

Aviso: contiene spoilers. No sigas leyendo si aún no has visto la película “El Origen” (Inception) y deseas verla.

Clickeá la imágen para verla en tamaño completo.

Hace poco os hemos ofrecido en Gizmodo la posibilidad de vislumbrar en montaje a pantalla partida el desarrollo de los distintos niveles oníricos de la película “Origen” de Christopher Nolan. Aún podemos aclarar más la cosa hoy, porque contamos con el esquema de puño y letra del propio director (co-guionista además del film junto con su hermano Jonathan) de los subniveles en los que queda organizado ese descenso en sueños tras otros sueños hasta alcanzar el limbo. ¿Deseas saber más?

En Derecho se habla de interpretación auténtica de la norma jurídica cuando para estar seguro del espíritu que informa a una ley se acude a la fuente de la misma, es decir, el legislador, aquel que la redactó.

En el cine, y más cuando hablamos de películas con argumentos potencialmente intrincados como es el caso de “Origen”, nada mejor que tomar esa misma iniciativa y rebuscar entre las páginas de “Inception: the shooting script” (“Origen: el guión de rodaje”), donde encontramos el esquema que el propio director trazó de toda esa parte de la historia a fin de que todo quedase claro para él, su equipo… y ahora nosotros.

Fuente: http://www.gizmodo.es/2010/12/08/el-mapa-de-nolan-para-salir-de-los-multiples-suenos-de-origen.html

Y para los que no las vieron, 2 infografías más, muy interesantes:

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Exceso de Photoshop: Megan Fox… Tiene poros!

Se supo… es humana!

How Photoshop Transformed Megan Fox

It's a wonder that Hollywood agents let celebrities get popular before they've completely morphed them from a wrinkly larva to a brand new butterfly. What if the larva is exposed prematurely? Exhibit A: The pre-operative Megan Fox.

megan fox transformers

Above, Fox is shown at the Transformers premiere in 2007 before she became a transformer herself by means of a nose job, lip injections, and cheek implants. Why, Meg, why?

megan fox photoshop

Even InStyle.com would not run the original unretouched photo from Fox'sTransformers premiere. In fact, the photo (above) appears in the InStyle "Transformations" feature. Her teeth are positively radioactive in this after photo. Subtle, guys!

Lady mags would have you believe this look is attainable — in fact, easy. It's as if there's no army of image consultants necessary. Anyone can look this gorgeous in just 10 minutes if she will follow these four easy steps to glamming up her look. Yeah, right.

So, how is the celebrity transformed? Take a look as the Photoshop layers are peeled off one by one. As they say on those telling makeup ads: Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline.

FINAL: This is the minimum amount of "correction" that Fox would receive were this image for a glossy magazine spread complete with fawning celebrity interview. We call it the "faux natural."

megan fox photoshop

THAT PANTENE SHINE: Fox's hair has been gussied up for chrome-like shine.

megan fox photoshop

HAIR: The nerve of Fox to allow natural forces such as wind to displace hair strands! Flyaways contained.

megan fox photoshop

HEALTHY GLOW: Because her pores have been painted over, a dewy perspiration was simulated with another lacquer of Photoshop paint.

megan fox photoshop

Fox's skin was airbrushed in four shades of flesh tones for that poreless matte finish. Say goodbye pimples, birth marks, freckles, and scars. Pores are so highly overrated!

megan fox photoshop

megan fox photoshop

EYES: How dare any celebrity show up to a movie premiere with blood shot eyes? Remove those veins!

megan fox photoshop

Celebrity eyes often glow a supernatural aquamarine. Really, they're born with it!

megan fox photoshop

Darn natural light! The sun's too bright here, but Photoshop color correcting tools can give us that crisp contrast to make the celebrity look like God is smiling on her (but not too much).

megan fox photoshop
Fuente: http://jezebel.com/5709558/how-photoshop-transformed-megan-fox

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Tal vez las Angry Birds deban cambiar de estrategia…

Excelente parodia de este adictivo pasatiempo, sobre el cual he dedicado un post hace unos días :)

Fuente: http://www.dorkly.com/video/7008/angry-birds

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Nothing Else Matters (Elevator Version) - Metallica y Nosotros

Hoy, tomamos esta canción originalmente grabada solo con voz, bajo y guitarras acústicas + orquesta... y dialogamos, Sergio Nolan desde el bajo que escuchan en primer plano, y yo, como siempre, desde la Batería. Espero les guste! Es la primera canción que subo "A duo", pero espero no sea la última :)
2 fotos del Backstage:
2010-12-08 18.11.412010-12-08 20.31.03

Para escuchar mis otras grabaciones, podés hacerlo acá.

Gizmodo Shooting Challenge: Exposiciones con Zoom

Como es costumbre en éste espacio, lo mejor del excelente certámen de lectores de Gizmodo. Hoy el tema fué desarrollado, bajo la técnica que habíamos visto acá.

Al pié de la nota, el link a la galería completa en Flickr, con las 152 fotos participantes con un tamaño más interesante.

152 Zoooooming Photographs

Zooming. Most people only do it before or after taking a photograph—never during. Well here are 152 remarkable pieces of proof that most people are wrong. Zooming while taking a photograph is a surprisingly versatile, inevitably eye-catching technique.


Lead Shot: 'Citgo Meets Tron'...So, Citron?

This is the CITGO sign in Kenmore Square, Boston, MA. Nothing more Bostonian (and Venezuelan) in the city. Canon T2i, ISO 800, 229mm, 0EV, f/25, 1/2.
-Diego Jimenez

Man Vs. God

152 Zoooooming Photographs
While at a holiday party on Saturday in the San Leandro hills we caught a slight break in the overcast sky just before the sunset began. Looking across the bay to San Francisco with Oakland and Alameda at my feet was a blanced sight of an
blue overcast sky, flickering lights of the cities as well as the warm sun bursting through bits of clouds. Towards the end of shooting I remembered the Giz challenge for this week and thought this would make a unique shot..... sort of looks like a sunset in the world of Tron if I had to guess.

To get the shot, I lowered my exposure compensation down about -1/3 a stop and set the camera to aperature priority and locked that to F/9. I set the shutter to timer and waited for it to open, I then slowly start pulling back as consistently as I could, I think the VR feature on the lens really helped on this one in addition to my all steel 15lb tripod. Nikon D70, Nikon 55-200mm VR F/4.0 - 5.6, ISO 200, 1.6 secs, f/9.
-Shaun Flynn

Fire Flower

152 Zoooooming PhotographsI tried to think of a picture that wouldn't just create a light speed affect. I put four candles on a record player to add more direction for the light to go while I zoomed the lens. There were a number of pictures from different angles and this seemed to be a little like fire tornadoes but I seem to like the path of the flames in this picture the most. I also upped the blacks setting in Photoshop slightly to accentuate the flame. Shot with a Nikon D90 18-200 VR2 Manual settings with f/36 6 sec, ISO 200.
-Robert Bejarano

The View

152 Zoooooming PhotographsThis was admittedly a quicker-than-I'd-like entry because I forgot to
shoot anything until Sunday evening. So I stepped out on the balcony to take some shots of downtown in the sunset. This was a one-second exposure on a D90 at f36, starting at 200mm and zooming out to about 50mm.
- Nick Sprankle


152 Zoooooming PhotographsThis picture was taken from a great vantage point on Roosevelt Island looking towards the 59th Street bridge and midtown Manhattan. I love this location to take pictures of NYC both during the day as well as at night. This shot is looking towards the bridge and the buildings around it on the Manhattan side.

Picture taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i using a EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. The ISO was 100 and in aperture mode. Used a f3.5 opening at a 2 second shutter speed. The focal length started at 55mm and ended at 18mm. The white balance was set to auto. Evaluative metering mode and landscape picture style.
-John McNamara


152 Zoooooming PhotographsI was inspired to photograph my Dell Studio 15 laptop's keyboard after numerous frustrating hours writing term papers in the dark. I used a Nikon D80 set up on a tripod facing downwards at the LED keyboard (I covered the screen to prevent light interference). I decided to make the letter G the focus of this piece in a petty attempt to suck up to Gizmodo. I also tried fixing the G using Photoshop, but it never looked quite right so I decided to leave it as it is. (f/5.6, 1/2 sec, 135mm, ISO-800)
-Tom Kott

Second Beach

152 Zoooooming Photographs
The weather in Washington during December is generally pretty crummy. This weekend was a somewhat rare nice weekend so I decided to take a trip to Second Beach near La Push, Washington. I had never done zoom exposure before and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Coming back home was a challenge, there was a head-on accident on US 101 near Lake Crescent which forced me to take a 70+ mile to get back home. Seeing the finished result result made the LONG trip totally worth it. Canon Rebel T1i, Canon 10-22 mm, 1/25 sec, f/3.5, ISO 100, ND 400 neutral density filter
-Anthony May


152 Zoooooming PhotographsFirst time trying this technique. Canon T2i, 24-100mm f/4L IS USM, 105mm, 200 ISO, f/4 at 1.0s. Took several pictures of Christmas lights hanging over my fireplace and this is, by far, the best one that came out. Shot at a wide-open aperture, out of focus, to get the nice round balls of light. No post-processing, right from the camera.
-Ryan Maple

Time Travel

152 Zoooooming PhotographsA shot of my old alarm clock while zooming in with my Canon t2i. I had the aperture as small as possible and the ISO low as well, with a bulb exposure only so I could control exactly when I had finished the zoom. I like the projection/explosion of the lights and I was somewhat inspired by this xkcd comic.
-Chris Smith

WINNER - Millennium Falcon

152 Zoooooming Photographs
This contest was a blast. I had the perfect idea, but it ended up being much more difficult than I anticipated. I used the same technique I learned from a previous contest on Gizmodo where the guy had double exposed a bathroom sink and used a lighter to create a flame coming out of the faucet. So I would say this contest I spent a lot of work on. I recently had moved my parents to a new house and found some old boxes of toys from my childhood, Star Wars being my favorite. As soon as I saw this competition I knew I was going to try to recreate the lightspeed effect from the movies. I grabbed my millennium falcon, a black foam core boar, two strands of icicle christmas lights, a roll of tape, weed whacker line (couldn't find fishing line) a couple chairs, a some books. All of which I will explain.

So I taped all the lights to the foam core board and placed it up against a wall. Next I took two chairs and tied weed whacker line across from one to the other and laid the falcon on them. I spent forever trying different ways to get it to look good, but it just wasn't cutting it. Finally I decided to remove the lights from the center of the board in an attempt to only get light trails AROUND the millennium falcon because they kept going through the ship. So here comes the shot. I set the exposure for 30 seconds to buy myself some time to move things around etc. I flipped the foam core board so it was blank, turned all the lights off, and set the flash on. I zoomed in so the ship was full frame, then took the picture, I quickly covered the lens, flipped the board over, plugged in the christmas lights and started to zoom out slowly. (making sure to uncover the lens only after I had started to zoom out). The result was PERFECT! I used photoshop to remove the bright red weed whacker line and get rid of the one light that made it through the ship. Nikon D300s, Nikkor 18-70mm, Tripod, Cokin Filter set with ND2, ND4, and Circular polarizer, 30 second exposure at f29 ISO 200
-Jordan Naylor

Super creative entries this week. And while I generally avoid geek stereotypes like Star Wars, Star Trek, etc, taking all the glory, I think Naylor's technique was an ingenious solution to something most of us wouldn't have dared without Photoshop.

Check out all the entries in the three galleries below, and for wallpaper sizes, check flickr.

Fuente: http://gizmodo.com/5708150/152-zoooooming-photographs

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Nexus S VS Galaxy S, ¿tú cambiarías? Yo no

No todas son rosas para el esperado terminal de Google, sucesor del Nexus One y basado en el Galaxy S, ya que si bien incorpora algunas novedades interesantes (Y hasta cubre algunos detalles por sobre éste último), al parecer no estuvo exento del recorte de alguna de sus funciones. Una lástima, nuevamente, se queda al borde de la perfección…

Gracias a Pau (ピ ピ) y Pagliardini (プピ) por compartir la nota por Twitter :)

Galaxy S Nexus S 577x1024 Nexus S VS Galaxy S, ¿tú cambiarías? Yo no

Con el anuncio del Nexus S y de todas sus especificaciones técnicas más de uno nos hemos sentido algo desilusionado ya que el terminal no aporta grandes novedades técnicas respecto a terminales ya existentes en el mercado.  Esto a su vez también nos alegra ya que podemos saber que nuestros actuales smartphone no se quedarán obsoletos dentro de poco. Siempre hay que mirar el lado positivo icon smile Nexus S VS Galaxy S, ¿tú cambiarías? Yo no

El Nexus S creo que todos/as estaremos de acuerdo en que su parecido con el Galaxy S es muy grande y una vez conocidas sus interioridades más aún. Por ello es inevitable el hacer una comparativa con las especificaciones de ambos terminales.

Como vemos en la tabla del final del post, son casi dos gotas de agua exceptuando la inclusión de la tecnología NFC y el giroscopio en el Nexus S. Además es de destacar la no inclusión de un slot para tarjetas micro SD en el nuevo  terminal que Google utilizará como escaparate de su nueva versión e Android, Gingerbread.

Esta nueva tecnología NFC que incorpora el Nexus S y de la que hablamos en su día básicamente será inutilizable en la mayoría de países en donde llegue este terminal y por desgracia tendrán que pasar aún años para que lo veamos en el día a día. Con esto solo decir que el tener o no tener incluido en un terminal el chips NFC no va ha ser motivo de querer cambiar de terminal.

Por otro lado la curvatura de pantalla presente en el Nexus S  y que se dice mejora considerablemente lavisualización de la misma tampoco creo que sea un factor muy decisivo en el cambio o no de este terminal por el que tengamos en la actualidad.

En definitiva el Nexus S será un buen terminal para quien tenga que adquirir uno nuevo o cambiar el suyo si estamos hablando de terminales de primera generación de Android, pero desde luego si tenemos un Nexus One, Desire, Galasy S y terminales de esta gama sinceramente no creo que el cambio sea justificado.

Eso sí, los poseedores del Galaxy S están de enhorabuena, sus terminales se actualizarán a partir de ahora muy rápido, extraoficialmente claro, y podrán deshacerse del maldito lag existente en sus terminales.

¿tú te cambiarías de teléfono?

Visto aquí

Fuente: http://www.androidsis.com/nexus-s-vs-galaxy-s-%C2%BFtu-cambiarias-yo-no/

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Cate Blanchett y otras incorporaciones al reparto de “The Hobbit”

cate blanchett Cate Blanchett y otras incorporaciones al reparto de The Hobbit

Cate Blanchett volverá a ser Galadriel en el proyecto de Peter Jackson que adaptará en dos películas la novela deJ.R.R. Tolkien, “The Hobbit”, a partir de un guión del propio Jackson en colaboración con Fran Walsh y Philippa Boyens, colaboradores habituales, además de la incoporación de Guillermo del Toro.

Cate es una de las actrices con las que más me gusta trabajar y no podría estar más excitado con poder contar con ella de nuevo para el personje al que tan hermosamente dio vida en los filmes previos.

Así se manifestava Peter Jackson ante el retorno de la actriz británica a las Tierras Medias. El cineasta se mostraba igualmente encantado con la incorporación del actor sueco Mikael Persbrandt, que confiesa era su primera opción para interpretar a Beorn, desde que le vio leyendo para el papel. Además de las incorporaciones confirmadas previamente, junto a ellos también se unen Ken Scott —-que ha participado en “Charlie Wilson’s War“—- que interpretará al enano Lord Balin; Sylvester McCoy —-de la serie “Doctor Who“—-, que interpretará al mago Radagast el Marrón; Ryan Gage —-conocido por “Outlaw” o la serie “Doctors“—- que hará de Drogo Baggins; y el actor neozelandés Jed Brophy —-que ya participara en “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” y “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, además de en “District 9“—-en el papel del enano Bifur.

reparto hobbit e1291780913840 Cate Blanchett y otras incorporaciones al reparto de The Hobbit

Tras recibir luz verde y establecerse la fecha de inicio de rodaje para febrero de 2011, las fechas del estreno quedan marcadas para diciembre de 2012, “The Hobbit: Part 1”, y diciembre de 2012, “The Hobbit: Part 2. La suculenta tarta se repartirá entre New Line Cinema y MGM, con una porción para Warner Bros Pictures que se encargará de la distribución nacional, con un un trocito extra para MGM, que se encargará de la distribución internacional. Peter Jackson utilizará revolucionarios efectos especiales para dar vida a una de las más queridas novelas de J.R.R. Tolkien, cuyas dos partes estarán rodadas en Digital 3-D, utilizando las más novedosas tecnologías, tanto en cámaras como en sonido, para proporcionar al espectador de toda una inolvidable experiencia.

Vía y Fotos: Collider

Fuente: http://extracine.com/2010/12/eparto-de-the-hobbit

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