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Exceso de Photoshop: Megan Fox… Tiene poros!

Se supo… es humana!

How Photoshop Transformed Megan Fox

It's a wonder that Hollywood agents let celebrities get popular before they've completely morphed them from a wrinkly larva to a brand new butterfly. What if the larva is exposed prematurely? Exhibit A: The pre-operative Megan Fox.

megan fox transformers

Above, Fox is shown at the Transformers premiere in 2007 before she became a transformer herself by means of a nose job, lip injections, and cheek implants. Why, Meg, why?

megan fox photoshop

Even InStyle.com would not run the original unretouched photo from Fox'sTransformers premiere. In fact, the photo (above) appears in the InStyle "Transformations" feature. Her teeth are positively radioactive in this after photo. Subtle, guys!

Lady mags would have you believe this look is attainable — in fact, easy. It's as if there's no army of image consultants necessary. Anyone can look this gorgeous in just 10 minutes if she will follow these four easy steps to glamming up her look. Yeah, right.

So, how is the celebrity transformed? Take a look as the Photoshop layers are peeled off one by one. As they say on those telling makeup ads: Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline.

FINAL: This is the minimum amount of "correction" that Fox would receive were this image for a glossy magazine spread complete with fawning celebrity interview. We call it the "faux natural."

megan fox photoshop

THAT PANTENE SHINE: Fox's hair has been gussied up for chrome-like shine.

megan fox photoshop

HAIR: The nerve of Fox to allow natural forces such as wind to displace hair strands! Flyaways contained.

megan fox photoshop

HEALTHY GLOW: Because her pores have been painted over, a dewy perspiration was simulated with another lacquer of Photoshop paint.

megan fox photoshop

Fox's skin was airbrushed in four shades of flesh tones for that poreless matte finish. Say goodbye pimples, birth marks, freckles, and scars. Pores are so highly overrated!

megan fox photoshop

megan fox photoshop

EYES: How dare any celebrity show up to a movie premiere with blood shot eyes? Remove those veins!

megan fox photoshop

Celebrity eyes often glow a supernatural aquamarine. Really, they're born with it!

megan fox photoshop

Darn natural light! The sun's too bright here, but Photoshop color correcting tools can give us that crisp contrast to make the celebrity look like God is smiling on her (but not too much).

megan fox photoshop
Fuente: http://jezebel.com/5709558/how-photoshop-transformed-megan-fox

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