sábado, 6 de noviembre de 2010

2x1 Bicicletas poco ortodoxas

Siempre me llamaron la atención y como ya vieron y van a seguir viendo acá, cuanta bicicleta curiosa me encuentre, será traida. Hoy, una dupla del tipo “Te llevo para que me lleves”

1 – Para llevar de todo en ella: La Camioncyclette



From Christophe Machete, here comes the Camioncyclette Transportation Bike, which features several large baskets to carry loads up to 150kg at one time. So next time you come out of a shopping mall with various bags in the hand, you’ll no longer need a taxi but simply a Transportation Bike.





Designer: Christophe Machete


2 – Llevátela a todos lados: La Port-a-Bike

No, functionally, this is not one of those tiny wooden toys that you frequently see kids playing around. However, you can still consider kart bike concept as a fun toy, while roaming around on it with style and convenience.

Folding bikes are quite common these days but the way it folds show the creativity of the designer. Kart bike features a four frame construction that folds and stacks on each other, making the transformation procedure easy and efficient. The shrinkable handle and the foldable pedals assist the folding process and the inclusion of a LED light enables the bike to be used in dark nights too. Once folded, you can carry this lightweight and ultra-portable bike to anywhere or drag it like a cart.

Designer : Heesang Ahn (Parsons the New school, major in product design)

kart bike

kart bike

kart bike

kart bike

kart bike

kart bike

Fuentes: http://www.inewidea.com/2010/10/25/34430.htmlhttp://www.tuvie.com/super-lightweight-and-ultra-portable-kart-bike-offers-superb-personal-city-commuting/

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