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Como mejorar tu experiencia usando Youtube para música

How To Enhance Your Youtube Music Experience

Youtube is without doubt one of the best destinations for free unlimited music on today’s Internet. Youtube Music is not only accessible via its official web address but also from regular searches on the video portal. The default controls on Youtube are not optimal for an uninterrupted music experience. While it is possible to create custom playlists, it is rather bothersome to switch to the Youtube tab every time the music needs to be paused, the volume changed, a song skipped or a new song added.

The following guide reviews the best extensions, userscripts and programs to enhance the Youtube Music experience tenfold.

Youtube Music Player


youtube music player

Youtube Music Player is a Firefox extension that adds controls to the browser to add and play music videos from Youtube directly. Youtube does not have to be open at all. The extension displays playback controls and music information in the status bar / add-on bar, and the music playlist in a sidebar that does not need to be open when music is playing.

Music is added to the sidebar by drag and drop or by using the built-in search. Every Youtube url can be dragged directly to the sidebar. Playlists can be saved and loaded which makes it possible to maintain multiple playlists on the local computer. The developer plans to integrate playlists from existing Youtube accounts in a future update.

Chrome Media Player

[Google Chrome]

chrome music player

A complete music player for Youtube songs, accessible from a button in the Chrome toolbar. The player has a search and all controls one would expect. May require manipulation of the Global Security Settings of Macromedia Flash.

YouTube Music Video Lyrics

[Google Chrome]

youtube music video lyrics

Youtube Music Video Lyrics is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that ads a lyrics button to the Chrome toolbar. A click on the button while a music video is playing will display the song’s lyrics if they can be found. Chances are pretty high if the song is popular.

Youtube Karaoke rebirth!

[Google Chrome]

Youtube Karaoke rebirth

This Chrome extension adds lyrics to popular Youtube videos. Instead of just showing the lyrics it displays them in a Karaoke like fashion for users who like to sing along.

Misc Youtube music apps
Youtube Looper

[Google Chrome]

youtube looper

This Google Chrome extension adds a loop button to the controls on Youtube. It can be used to loop a music video indefinitely.

Youtube Music, Social Extension

This is a list of extensions that utilize social media sites, for instance to show your friends what you have been listening to on Youtube. Scrobbler

[Google Chrome]

Scrobbles Youtube music videos which basically means that records that you have played the song. Social Music Tracker

[Google Chrome]

A similar extension that reports the music to The extension supports multiple sites and applications, not only Youtube. Also available for the Firefox Internet browser.

Youtube to mp3

Converts and downloads Youtube music videos to mp3 format. + YouTube

Adds icons to’s website next to music tracks, albums and artists that redirects to a Youtube search so that the song, music from the album or artist can be played on the video site.

External Websites


Excellent web services that utilizes Youtubes’ vast music collection that offers genre based radio stations (it is all there from melodic death metal to music from the 60′s over Brit Pop to Bossa Nova) and a search. Jukesy plays the video in full screen in a tab in the web browser. Music is played constantly unless wanted otherwise by the user. The usual controls are available on the site. While it is still necessary to switch to the tab to pause or skip a song it is otherwise completely automatic. Pick a station and the music will play for as long as you keep the tab open.


zebralizer youtube music radio

Zebralizer is very similar in functionality to Jukesy. Pick a genre or search for an artist or song and you will be presented with your personal radio station that plays non-stop for as long as you want. The full video is shown on the page next to options to add more custom music to the playlist.


Muziic is not as automated as the other two services in the External Websites category. Users need to add songs to the playlist that then play on auto-pilot. The service offers a desktop application for Windows which offers a similar functionality.

Youtube Disco

An official Youtube feature that can be used to play a number of songs on Youtube without or only little initial configuration.

Download Youtube Music

It is not possible to add all extensions and applications that offer Youtube video downloading features. We have a separate guide for those under Download Youtube Videos here at the site. A recommendation is the Firefox extension Download Helper which is compatible with many different media sites, not only Youtube. Please note that the majority of browser extensions offers to download the Youtube videos, which would then need to be converted on the local system into mp3 if required.

Have we missed a tool in the overview? If you think we did let us know in the comments so that we can evaluate it.


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