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Prolimatech diseña la serie de coolers Camouflage, complementando mothers Asus

Prolimatech Designs Camouflage Series Heatsinks to Complement ASUS TUF Sabertooth

In late June, Prolimatech unveiled its latest variant of the Megahalems heatsink, the Black Edition, which has a grainy matte surface that is designed to radiate heat better than the smooth piano-black fins on the Super Mega (an older black-colored Megahalems variant). Now, Prolimatech is taking it further with the Camouflage series of heatsinks based on the Megahalems and Genesis heatsink designs. The two feature fin stacks that are mostly black, but with a dash of pale green that blends perfectly with the color of chipset and VRM heatsinks on ASUS TUF Sabertooth series motherboards.
Both heatsinks feature fins with matte surfaces. The Megahalems Camouflage is an aluminum fin dual-stack tower-type heatsink. Six nickel-plated copper heat pipes pass through the base, making a U-shape. On each of the two arms of the "U", is an independent stack of fins. Some of the upper fins have a dash of the pale green color. The Genesis Camouflage has a unique heatsink design in which six heat pipes that pass through the base convey heat to two differently oriented aluminum fin stacks: one propagates perpendicular to the plane of the motherboard, the other parallel to it, hovering over the memory area. Pricing and availability details are not known.

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