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Bajando música desde Google Music, con Google Music Downloader

Google Music Downloader, Download Songs From Google Music

google music download songGoogle Music, which has been introduced earlier this year, is still in beta at the time of writing. Users who have created an account can upload their music collection to Google Music’s servers to access them from other devices. Device support currently includes computer systems running Windows, OS X or Linux, and smartphones based on Android. While it is relatively easy to upload songs to Google Music, it is not possible to download songs to a device. This is a problem if you want to download a particular song to another computer, for instance to listen to that song at times when you have no Internet connection on the computer.

Enter Google Music Downloader for the Firefox web browser. The Firefox add-on at the time of writing is compatible with all versions of Firefox. Some Firefox users may need to force compatibility though. The add-on is restartless, but I had to restart the browser once to get the download song links to display on Google Music.

The extension adds a Download Song link to all songs on Google Music. The download link and notification is not only displayed for songs that you have uploaded, but also for the free songs on Google Music.
All you need to do is to click on the song to play it. The Firefox add-on displays a notification in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on “Click to download song now” to download the song that is currently playing to the local computer system.

download google music
There is a difference between downloading songs that you have uploaded and the free songs on Google Music. Songs that you have uploaded are downloaded as stream.mp3 files, while the free songs offered by Google are downloaded as videoplayback files without file extension. You can still add .mp3 to the end of the the file name and play it back in all compatible music players though.

Google Music Downloader can download all songs from Google Music. The download process could be less complicated though by adding a direct option to download a song from Google Music instead of displaying a notification link that needs to be clicked on to download songs.

Firefox users can install Google Music Downloader from the official Mozilla add-on repository.


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