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Como extraer texto o imágenes de un PDF

How To Extract Images Or Text From PDF Documents

PDF documents can contain all kinds of media besides text. You may encounter images for instance or forms in them among other elements. Depending on the pdf viewer, you may be able to save those elements separately or not at all.

This tutorial is going to show you how to extract images or text from a pdf document with as little effort as possible. For this, I’m using the free pdf reader Nitro PDF which is available at thedeveloper website. The software is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Nitro PDF Reader is a solid alternative to Adobe Reader. Many users would probably go as far as to call it a better PDF Reader thanks to faster startup times and an impressive set of features.
One of the great things that you can do with Nitro PDF is to extract text or images from any pdf document that is currently loaded in the program.

Just load the pdf file after installation into the reader (either with a double-click if you have made it the default pdf viewer on the system, or by opening the reader via the Start Menu).

You will notice several options under Create/Convert in the main toolbar of the program.

pdf extract images text

A click on Extract Images opens a dialog where you can specify the output folder. A click on the Extract button saves all images of the pdf document into that folder. This may take some time depending on the number of images that are embedded in the pdf document.

extract images pdf

I suggest you select a new folder for the images as all images of a pdf document are saved in the process which includes smaller images.

A very similar menu is displayed when you click on the Extract Text button. You can again select the output folder and click Convert to turn the pdf document into a plain text document. Nitro PDF Reader opens the text document automatically at the end of the conversion.

Nitro PDF Reader is a great program to work with pdf documents on a computer. It is little features like this that make a difference in day to day work.

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