lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

2x1: Carpas autoportantes

Extrañas más que prácticas forma de llevar la carpa para un raid al aire libre!

Japan Took the Humble Poncho and Turned it Into a Wearable Tent

Japan Took the Humble Poncho and Turned it Into a Wearable Tent

The mind boggles as to the situations a wearable tent could be needed. If you suddenly became homeless? Went to a rave suspiciously lacking in mud? Needed both a costume and shelter for a Halloween party? [News4Vip via LikeCool]


Jacket + Tent + Sleeping Bag = JakPak

Why carry a jack, tent and sleeping bag on your back when all these items can fold into one, wearble 3lb bundle?

The JakPak is a three seasons tent built into a sleeping bag built into a jacket. Constructed of breathable but waterproof urethane coated ripstop nylon/polyester fabric, through the miracles of velcro-secured chambers, the jacket portion of the JakPak can unfurl to the body bag you see in the lead shot—complete with no see um netting and armpit ventilation!

The JakPak will be available this March for $250 and seeks to eliminate homelessness as we know it.


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