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Intel adelanta detalles de sus lanzamientos para el 2011

Como se viene sabiendo hace unos meses, el año que viene Intel renueva su línea completa de productos, incluso, lanzando una nueva plataforma para reemplazar la basada en 1156 y totalmente incompatible con ésta. Con ustedes, los primeros detalles firmes sobre los nuevos productos:

Back in August, a report with details sourced from ComputerBase.de was bang-on in tabling what the 2011 Intel Core processor lineup is going to look like. With a little over a month to go for the market release of these processors, fresh details emerged that reveal pricing and precise availability dates of each model. To begin with, 9th January is D-day for the socket LGA1155 platform, when one can expect a large wave of motherboards to reach stores, along with 10 new Core i5, Core i7 "Sandy Bridge" quad-core processors.

The quad-core lineup consists of 7 Core i5 models. Based on a Sandy Bridge derivative silicon, these processors differ from the Core i7 models in having no HyperThreading (4 cores/4 threads), and 25% of the L3 cache being disabled (set at 6 MB). The lineup overall is seeing a clock speed increase compared to current-generation "Lynnfield" processors. The Core i5 lineup also includes an overclocker-friendly "K" model, which features an unlocked BClk multipler. The fastest in the lineup is the Core i7 2600/2600K, which is clocked at 3.40 GHz. With the default BClk (base clock) of Sandy Bridge running at 100 MHz (compared to 133 MHz on Nehalem/Westmere), one can expect very high multiplier values. It should also be easier to calculate speeds and keep track of, for overclockers.

The pricing of these quad-core chips also seems to be very interesting. Things are pretty tight between the Core i5-2300 (2.80 GHz), and Core i5-2500K (3.30 GHz), with just a $39 gap between the two, but four models in all to choose from. The Core i7 parts are priced higher, at $297 for the i7-2600 and $317 for the i7-2600K.

The next big launch day is on 20th February, when Intel launches four dual-core processors in the Core i3 series. Quite interestingly, there are no dual-core Core i5 processors, and most of the Core i3 dual-core chips don't feature Turbo Boost technology, barring the fastest one, the Core i3-2390T. Then, a little later in February, the first LGA1155 Pentium Dual-Core processor, the G620T, will be launched. Some time later in Q2-2011, Intel will add three more Pentium models.

Fuente: http://www.techpowerup.com/135276/2011-Intel-Core-Processor-Pricing-and-Launch-Dates-Surface.html

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