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Las mejores aplicaciones Android para olvidadizos

They're with us all the time, connected to the internet, and synced with all the important online services in our lives: what better devices to help us remember things than our Android phones?

GOLD MEDAL: MyReminders
The Best Android Apps for Forgetful People
I'll be honest, I'm forgetful as hell. And even though one of those insanely detailed organizers would suit my every need, that's just too overwhelming. I need an app that'll let me get in and get out as quick as possible. Thankfully, MyReminders is just like that. It's dead simple: just hit the plus sign, tweak the time and add reminders by typing or with voice. The app feels light and its interface is straightforward, MyReminders doesn't meddle with anything it doesn't need to, it just focuses on reminding you. The app also comes with an attractive enough home screen widget to keep tasks front and center and various alerts (LED, display, etc) to keep you from ever forgetting again. $1, Android. Free version, Android

SILVER MEDAL: Astrid Task/Todo List
The Best Android Apps for Forgetful People
But if you're looking for an app with a little more options, Astrid is the app to get. It's just as easy to set up as MyReminders but also throws in some more "advanced" options like Google task sync, priority levels, tags, timed reminders, and calendar integration. If you can get fanatical with settings and to do lists, Astrid will suit your forgetful mind well (though it's a wee bit uglier compared to MyReminders). If you spring for the Power Pack ($3.99) you can get the snazzier features like voice and even better widgets. Free, Android. $4 for Power Pack.

The Best Android Apps for Forgetful People
Though Jorte is mainly a calendar app, it can double as a task/to do list app too. The main attraction is Google Calendar sync and a rather useful widget that comes in a million different sizes. Adding tasks is easy (though a little limited) but it's nice to have all your appointments and tasks in one app (even if it's less focused). Free, Android.

COL Reminder: Good reminder program for reminders on future phone calls and parking meters. Limited in other areas.
RemindMe: Super easy to add reminders but has no widget and no option for recurring reminders
GeoNote: Location based notes program that displays notes depending where you are
ColorNote: Not a classic reminder-type app but it recreates post-its on the home screen to grab your attention
Google Task Organizer: Dead simple to do list that syncs with Google Tasks. Comes with a widget too
Pure Calendar Widget: Really useful calendar widget that comes with a ton of customization and looks great.
Smooth Calendar: Another calendar widget that works well

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