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Las mejores aplicaciones Android, para incrementar tu productividad estés donde estés

Porque no solo de Angry Birds, vive el hombre… :P

Best Apps for Business Humans
Though Android has definitely gotten better at Enterprise, you'll still probably need to download TouchDown if your work demands you use Exchange. TouchDown syncs with your Exchange Server to let you send and receive email, manage contacts, view and edit appointments and filter through tasks. It all sounds so simple but TouchDown really is the best way to work with Exchange on your Android phone. And though it's slightly expensive, TouchDown is well worth the 20 bucks (not to mention bonus neat-o features like having e-mails read aloud to you). 30-day trial, Android. $20 for Full Version.

Docs to Go
Best Apps for Business Humans
Docs to Go is the best mobile Office suite for Android your money (all 15 bones of it) can buy. The latest version (now 3.0) is not only DataViz's best looking app, but it's also their most feature rich, heck it even comes with an enhanced file browser that makes finding and organizing files a cinch. And along with the various Office formats, you can also work with Google Docs in Docs to Go (if you're company is progressive like that). If you need to view, edit or create Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files for your job, Docs to Go is the only way to go. View Only, Android. $15 for Full Version.

Google Finance
Best Apps for Business Humans
Google's own stock quote app on Android unsurprisingly ties in nicely with Google Finance. So if you've already set up all your portfolios with Google, it's the easiest way to see how much money you've made, how each stock is performing, and check out charts with the latest news. Free, Android.

Mighty Meeting: Load up PowerPoint presentations on your phone and either project 'em to a room or share your slides over a web browser.
CamCard: A business card scanner. $15
ProOnGo Expense: Expense tracker that uses a receipt reader instead of manual entry
Astro File Manager: Makes it relatively easy to dig up files hiding around in your SD card
Mobile Defense: Security! Track your Android phone and remote lock, backup and wipe it if necessary. You'll have to wait for the app to come back though

Fuente: http://gizmodo.com/5709290/best-apps-for-business-humans

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