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All Video Download, Windows Media Downloader

I prefer an integrated solution when it comes to downloading videos from the Internet. Integrated in this context means that the browsing for videos and downloading should be handled in the same application. External video downloaders have their advantages on the other hand, and there are certainly users who prefer to use a separate program to download the videos from the Internet.

All Video Downloader is a handy tool for Windows PCs that can download videos from more than 280 different video portals. The list includes the whois who of the online video world, from Youtube and Dailymotion over MSN Video and MySpace to Megavideo and Nationalgeographic.

The software supports single and batch downloads from video sites. Downloads need to be added manually in the form of urls. The easiest way to do that is to copy and paste urls into the application.

all video downloader

One advantage of All Video Downloader is the ability to convert videos after download. Available output formats and containers are avi, mp3, DVD, iPod and other device compatible formats or mp4. The convert is based on FFmpeg and offers a lot of advanced output options.


All Video Download is a handy application. It could use an option to monitor the clipboard for supported video urls to optimize and speed up the process a bit.

Interested users can download All Video Downloader from the developer site. The software supports plugins, explanations on how to create plugins are offered at the website as well. (via)

A browser integrated alternative is the excellent Download Helper extension for Firefox which supports even more sites.

Fuente: http://www.ghacks.net/2011/01/24/all-video-download-windows-media-downloader/

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