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Reproductor para GrooveWalrus, Grooveshark,

GrooveShark and are two of the most popular music streaming and information sites on the Internet. The free portable software GrooveWalrus utilizes the vast database of available songs of both services in its own stand-alone music player. The software is available for Windows and Linux currently, a Mac version seem to be on the way.

The interface is divided into a header area with playback controls, search options and information about the current song, and a main area that is divided further into tabs.


All that is needed to find songs is to enter the name of a song or artist into the search form. The program displays a list of hits in an extra search window. A double-click on a listed song adds it to the current playlist.

music search

Playlists can be saved and loaded at anytime, with an additional option to import GrooveShark playlists (under Tools).

The tab can be used to find similar songs or artists, display the top songs, albums or artists or top songs by geographic location, tag or genre.

last fm songs

There are additional options available, like linking to the user’s account to display songs related to that account. Users who want to do that need to supply their username and password in the Options.

Local songs and folders can be added and included in the search which means it is possible to use the music player even without Internet connection.

Several plugins are already available to search for and display lyrics of the current song, sync the playlist with other devices enable or disable the web remote server.

The player displays biographic information about the current artists as well as album art and related information directly in its interface.

GrooveWalrus is an interesting music player for users who like to tap into two of the largest music databases and local files at once. The player is available for download at the official project website. The Python source code is provided there as well. The player supposedly runs under Wine for Linux or by running it from the source directly. (via)


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