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Scythe anuncia nuevo panel frontal para PC: Kama Panel 3

Press Release Scythe Announces Kama Panel 3

Japanese manufacturer Scythe is hereby announcing the third version of its popular multifunctional Kama Panel, which comes with new features to ease your PC-life. Kama Panel 3 combines 4 major functions to utilize your free 5.25" Bays in most useful way. These 4 major functions are including a card reader, a mobile rack, a 2 channel fan controller and a I/O Panel for advanced connectivity.
Built-in card reader is supporting the most popular memory card formats such as MicroSD/MicroSDHC, Memory Stick Micro, SD, Memory Stick, Multi Media Card. By using a separately purchased adapter users are able to use MiniSD/MiniSDHC, RS-MMC, MMC-micro cards as well. Connection to the PC is achieved by using the USB 2.0 Header-Pin Cable supplied with the Kama Panel 3. Furthermore 2 novel USB 2.0 and Power eSATA combo connectors are located in the front. Hence allows the connection of either USB or eSATA Cable into same port. To further improve connectivity a headphone and a microphone connector are implemented. In case the power and reset switch of the pc case are impractically located, users now have the chance to use the power and reset switch of Kama panel 3.

Generally an adapter or external HDD Case is required in the order to connect a Hard Drive or SSD to the PC. With the new Mobile Rack inside the Kama Panel 3 it is possible to just plug-in (Hot Swap) a SATA Hard Disk or SSD with a maximum thickness of 9.5 mm into the port. Fast exchange of drives for backup or recover is achieved w/o the need of getting additional adapters or cases for the drives.

The third version of Kama Panel is equipped with a more advanced Fan Controller than the previous versions. It allows to control 2 fans individually as well as monitor them on the built-in LCD which comes with blue illumination. Connected fans can be controlled in the voltage range between 3.7 and 12 volts. Furthermore 2 temperature sensors are included to monitor temperatures of components inside the PC Case. Users have the choice whether they display the temperatures in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. Safety features allow users to set a temperature based alarm in the range between 40 and 90°C as well as warning you in case of fan failing.
Kama Panel 3 will be available in the first week of June for 32,00 EUR (excl. VAT/TAX). For more information, visit the product page.

Fuente: http://www.techpowerup.com/146580/Scythe-Announces-Kama-Panel-3.html

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