lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

El Pac-Man más grande del mundo hecho en HTML5

World's Biggest Pac-Man Game Through HTML5

Looking for something to do because it's Independence Day and there are no aliens to fight? How about some ghosts? waka waka waka...


Thanks to the wonders of HTML5, you are now able to play the world's biggest game of Pac-Man right from your modern browser. It's a long weekend, after all (for at least some of you, that is).

This monolithic Pac-Man game is the product of Soap Interactive, who developed this awesome piece of web software in conjunction with Microsoft. To make it legit and official, it even has the blessing of Namco Bandai.

If you've ever found that the single board of Pac-Man was too limiting for your "free roaming game world" sensibilities of modern gaming, then this game is for you.


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