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Grabá gratuitamente lo que pasa en tu pantalla, con Screen2Avi

Screen2Avi, Free Screen Recording Software

Windows users have many options when it comes to taking screenshots of windows, areas of the screen or the whole screen. There is not nearly as much choice when it comes to recording video. Only a few free screen recorders are available, We Game or Camtasia come to mind.

Screen2Avi is another lightweight free program to record avi videos. The program is available as a portable version and installer. The application uses tabs to configure the screen recording session. Available for selection are fullscreen, predefined and custom dimensions for the video.

screen 2 avi

It is not only possible to select the recording dimensions, but also the position of the recording frame. You can select one of the nine fixed positions like center left or bottom right, or define a custom position on screen. There is unfortunately no option to directly select a program window for recording. The only option to record a window is to use the custom positioning to set its position on the screen. The position and dimension are shown with a green frame directly on the screen.

All installed video compression codecs are available for selection under video. This is also the location where the frame rate of the recording is defined.

Screen2Avi can record audio, but that feature needs to be enabled separately. The program supports only audio recording from external sources like microphones, it cannot record the system sound directly. You can select audio devices available on the computer.

The output path for the screencast is defined under General. Other available options are enabling or disabling the mouse cursor or configuring hotkeys to start pause and stop the recordings.

A click on the red recording button starts the recording. It is usually easier to use hotkeys (F1 start, F5 stop) than the buttons in the program window, especially when recording in fullscreen.

Screen2Avi has a few usability issues, like the previously mentioned audio recording limitations or selection of windows. It is nevertheless a handy tool for users who need to create a screen recording, especially if they can live with those limitations.

Windows users can download the screen recording software Screen2Avi from the developer website. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system. The developers have uploaded a tutorial to their website that walks new users through the configuration and creation process.

Fuente: http://www.ghacks.net/2011/07/21/screen2avi-free-screen-recording-software/

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