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Hitachi distribuye los primeros discos rígidos de 3.5” con 1TB por plato

Hitachi Ships First 3.5" HDD With 1TB Platters

Without increasing rotational speed the only hope for improving mechanical hard drive performance is through greater platter densities. There are other benefits realized through increasing platter density: larger capacities or lower noise and power consumption. Yesterday Hitachi GST announced the first 3.5" HDDs with 1TB platter densities.

Hitachi is using the 1TB platters to drive capacity in single-platter drives rather than chase after the 4TB+ market, although it's inevitable that we'll see efforts there as well. The Deskstar 7K1000.D and the 5K1000.B both use the new 1TB platters. Both lines ship with a 32MB buffer, varying only in their rotational speed. The 7K1000 spins at 7200RPM while the 5K1000 implements Hitachi GST's CoolSpin technology. Most drive makers replaced at least some of their 5400RPM drives with these ambiguously named technologies. The spindle speeds are optimized for each capacity point (e.g. a 3TB CoolSpin drive may spin at a different speed than 1TB/single platter CoolSpin drive). The speed of rotation is determined by balancing performance, power and acoustics, although it's never published. 

Source: Hitachi GST – Fuente: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4739/hitachi-ships-first-35-hdd-with-1tb-platters

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