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Memoria RAM: Es hora de agregar más?

Imperdible análisis de rendimiento sobre 32 y 64 bits, en donde se analiza el impacto sobre la performance del sistema bajo las tareas que se desarrollan comunmente, y, cómo la cantidad de RAM instalada, afecta su desempeño. Para tener en cuenta!


Memory Upgrade: Is It Time To Add More RAM?

by Igor Wallossek

Table of contents

The price of memory upgrades is at an all-time low. And more memory is always better, right? We decided to analyze whether or not now could be the time for a fat memory upgrade. As it turns out, there are arguments for and against backing up the truck.

We want to do things a bit differently in this article. We're going to start with 32-bit programs in a 32-bit environment, move to 32-bit programs in a 64-bit environment, and finally look at 64-bit programs in a 64-bit environment.

By doing this, we want to prove that those of you still stuck on 32-bit systems can, in fact, benefit from 8 GB or more RAM before inevitably making the switch over to a 64-bit operating system in the near future.

Also, we want to show how 32-bit programs in 64-bit environments can benefit from a decent RAM expansion, how graphics cards don’t just fill their video memory with textures, and why you'd better have more than 4 GB of RAM when it comes time to move into the 64-bit world.

We obviously can't cover all possible application scenarios with different amounts of RAM, but we'll offer an interesting excursion off the beaten path...and perhaps a surprise or two along the way.

If you find a logical argument here to justify dipping into your household budget for a RAM upgrade, then we will have achieved something. We believe it’s important to have a smooth computing experience at work and the ability to play games without suffering from stuttering caused by annoying hard drive access. Expect one conclusion right up front: more RAM certainly never hurts anyone.

Fuente y nota completa: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ram-memory-upgrade,2778.html

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