lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

El auto que hubiera diseñado “Doc Brown”

Impresionante concept car que funciona mediante su propio reactor atómico, generando 1.21 GW de potencia eléctrica! Solo le falta viajar en el tiempo, pero bueno, nada que un condensador de flujos no resuelva xD

Concept Car Requires 1.21 Jigawatts of Power

You don't just walk into a store and buy plutonium!

Ever since "eco-friendly" became an automotive catchphrase, alternative energy sources became a standard feature in any concept car. Of course, there's the usual electric or hybrid motors, biodiesel and ethanol-fueled engines, and even a car that runs on photosynthesis. One kind we haven't seen since the 50's (or your last session of Fallout: New Vegas) is atomic-powered automobiles. That is, until this car came along.

Yes, it runs on nuclear power, just like Doc Brown's time-travelling Delorean. This unusual two-seater is called A Real Atom by its designer, Imran Othman, because seriously, how else are you going to call attention to a car that's a head-on collision away from Hiroshima part 2?

Which brings us to the real problem with this concept: nuclear power is radioactive. You would need a ton of shielding just to keep the passengers from getting an instant dose of cancer from the daily commute.

Besides, even if you do solve the radiation issue, where will you get the plutonium needed to run this car? Maybe it'll be more feasible when Mr. Fusions become readily available, or they start selling plutonium from the corner drugstore.

[source: Imran Othman via Core77]


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