lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

¿AMD Abandona los nombres comerciales actuales de sus productos?

AMD to abandon its processor brand names?

According to a document spotted by X-bit labs, AMD plans to abandon its established Sempron, Athlon and Phenom processor brand names with upcoming products. The company will divide new processors into different categories ofVision platforms and stamp them with basic model classifications and numerical identifiers, but no brand name.
We've already seen this with the newly launched Fusion APUs (Accelerated Processing Units). The Ontario and Zacate chips are simply called the AMD C-30, C-50, E-240 and E-350. AMD's Llano and Zambezi desktop APUs are expected to use a similar scheme, with the former being mid-range A-series chips and the latter becoming the high-end FX-series.

AMD says its Brazos ultrathin platform (which includes the aforementioned Ontario and Zacate APUs) forgoes component branding so OEM partners can use their desired names without sub-brands getting in the way. By excluding product brands, AMD also places more emphasis on its corporate identity -- X-bit labs compares this to Mercedes cars.
"Vision is AMD's contribution, which comes with the intention of simplifying the purchasing for folks who know what they want to do with their PC and don't care to learn the intricate sub-component technical nuances to make a buying decision. Will we do the same with Llano and Zambezi? You'll have to wait and see," said AMD spokesman Damon Muzny.


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