lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

PDF Jumbler, para unir, borrar y reordenar documentos PDF

PDF Jumbler, Merge, Delete, Rearrange PDF Documents

Free tools to manage pdf documents are rare while many pdf viewing applications exist. That can be a problem for users who want to work with pdf documents, for instance to delete pages from the document or add pages from another pdf file.

PDF Jumbler is a free software program that offers several tools to work with pdf documents. To be precise, the free software offers to rearrange, delete or merge pages from PDF files.

pdf jumbler

PDF documents are added via drag and drop or the open document button at the top of the minimalistic program interface. It is then possible to rearrange pages with drag and drop, or to delete pages by selecting them first and selecting the delete button afterwards. The delete key on the keyboard deletes the selected pdf pages as well.

Additional documents can be added to any position of the existing documents. PDf Jumbler can merge multiple documents in one process.

The Save Document button saves the new pdf document to the hard drive. Zoom in and out buttons are available to preview individual pages of the pdf files that have been added to PDF Jumbler.

The portable software program is offered as a Java executable, which means that the operating system needs to support Java.

PDF Jumbler is as easy as it can get when it comes to merging, deleting or rearranging pages of one or multiple pdf documents.

The Open Source application can be downloaded from the project homepage over at SourceForge. (via)


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