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G.Skill lanza los módulos de memoria de 4GB mas rápidos del mundo

G.Skill Releases DDR3 8GB 2.3GHz Dual-Channel Memory Kit

G.Skill DDR3 DRAMG.Skill has announced the world's highest-speed 4GB memory modules. Designed for the latest Intel Core i-series "Sandy Bridge" microprocessors, the new RipjawsX memory sticks can operate at whopping 2.30GHz clock-speed.

There is always a trade-off between clock-speed and capacity of memory modules. Even about a year ago DDR3 modules with frequencies substantially exceeding 2GHz featured only 1GB capacity, which meant that personal computers with dual-channel memory sub-system could only accommodate up to 4GB of memory, which is not enough for modern applications.

But the technology development is moving forward and latest memory chips with high capacities can also operate at very high clock-speeds. G.Skill this week introduced its new RipjawsX-series 8GB dual-channel memory kit aimed at Intel P67-based platforms with 2.30GHz clock-speed, CL9 latency and 1.65V voltage. The company also offers DDR3 1900MHz 48GB and DDR3 2200MHz 16GB kits.

“The 2300MHz RipjawsX 8GB gives you extreme speed and you can also enjoy the big capacity simutanously. It not only delivers record breaking overclocking performance, but also broaden your choices for building up an extreme performance workstation and a gaming machine” said Michael Chao, senior research and development manager at G.Skill.

The pricing of the new kit remains unknown.

Fuente: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/memory/display/20110420212626_G_Skill_Launches_World_s_Fastest_4GB_Memory_Modules.html

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