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  Colorful Intros Raynor Tower G3 Computer Case with Graphics Cards Enhancer

Colorful Technology, known as a graphics cards provider, today announces its new case for global market, which is named Raynor Tower G3. It measures 195mm (W) 517mm (H) 535mm (D), most of the body is made of SECC metal. The Raynor Tower G3 equipped with a removable plate at the top of the chassis for creating perfect air duct. One of the sides has a large opening with dust filter which allows installing two 120/90/80mm cooling units.
In the rear, the PSU bay has been placed on the bottom, and above there are 8 expansion slots for PCI/PCIE devices installation. A 120/90/80mm exhaust fan and two openings for water cooling tubes are provided on the top.


Inside the G3, there are 9 bays for CD/HDD drives. The six 5.25 inches CD drive bays are independent from HDD drive bays, so that it will be completely eradicating resonance from hard disks. The other three bays are 3.5 inches HDD drive bays which can be extended by hard drive cages. In the mainboard tray, there are 10 cable management routing holes provided with black rubber stopper, to guarantees a clutter-free and safe installation. The internal area of the case is divided into two parts by the graphics card enhancer, which can prop up the graphics card stably to avoid deformation of those great length graphics cards. 


The Raynor Tower G3 is now available in Asia, and will be available later for global market and suggested retail price of $139 USD.


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