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TableDrum: La batería de bolsillo para tocar con tu iphone (pero no a tu iphone!)

TableDrum Turns Your Nervous Finger Tapping Into Rocking Beats

TableDrum [iTunes] is a drumming app that lets you tap out beats without touching your iOS device. Instead of tapping your screen, you tap an object around you and the app will respond with a drum beat.

The developers describe it as an augmented audio application that lets you sync the sound of an external object to a drumbeat. You can tap your finger, slam a door or bang some cans and sync these sounds to the app.

You need to have an iPad, iPhone or an iPod touch with a microphone as the app needs a way to detect this incoming sound. Once you sync your drum pad with you selected sound, you are ready to create some music. There are 8 different drum samples from which to chose and extra sets are available as an in-app purchase.

TableDrum is a less than a month-old and is at version 1.0 so it's performance is good, but not perfect. The developers are open to comments and are looking to improve upon what is an excellent foundation for an app. It'll cost you 99-cents for a limited time only and then its price will jump back up to $3.99. [TableDrum via Gizmag]

Fuente: http://gizmodo.com/5832084/tabledrum-turns-your-nervous-finger-tapping-into-rocking-beats

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