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Métodos para dividir grandes archivos en muchos mas pequeños

How To Split Large Files Into Multiple Smaller Ones

Sometimes you may need to send a file to a friend, colleague or family, or upload it to the Internet, that is just to large to go through without errors. Most email providers for instance limit the maximum attachment size so that you may end up with error messages when trying to send that 200 Megabyte video that you have created.

There may be multiple solutions for this issue. You may be able to compress the file for instance, depending on the file type. This works well with uncompressed file types like txt, and not at all with already compressed file types like jpg or avi.

For the compressing, you could use a program like 7-zip. This program is also handy for the next option: Splitting the file into smaller parts. Here is how you do that in detail.
Start 7-zip after installation. Use the location bar to navigate to the folder that contains the large file on your system. Right-click the file and select the Split operation from the program’s context menu.


This opens a new configuration window where you need to specify the destination for the split files and the maximum size of each volume.

You can select one of the pre-configured values or enter your own into the form directly. Add M to the end if you want to specify the file size in Megabytes.

split large file

7-Zip splits the file based on the configuration. You end up with files ending with 001, 002, 003 in the selected directory.

You can use 7-Zip, or any compatible software, to merge the files again. With 7-zip, you would simply right-click the first part of the split file (the 001 file) and select Combine files from the options to do so.
This method be problematic if the user who receives the files does not have such a software or does not know how to use it.

The alternative here is to create a self extracting file instead. Only problem is that 7-zip does not support this operation. You can either create a self-extracting file, or you can split the file but not both.

Commercial software like WinRar can do that on the other hand. WinRar is capable of splitting files into smaller parts and creating a self-extracting archive at the same time.

I’m not aware of a freeware that can create a multi-part self-extracting archive. If you know of a software that can do that let me know in the comments.

Update: The free portable software GSplit can create multi-part self-extracting archives. You select the block size under Type and Size in the program interface.


The SFX option is activated under Self-Uniting > Properties.


You can download GSplit from the official homepage. (thanks Shinjie)


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