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Review: Super Cooler Prolimatech Genesis

Prolimatech Genesis Super-Cooler Review

It’s been barely a month since we posted our review of the new NZXT super-cooler – Havik 140. Today we are glad to introduce to you another candidate for this respectful title – a new product from Prolimatech.
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Wiktionary says that “genesis” comes from Ancient Greek and stands for “origin, source, beginning, generation”. I am sure you are wondering what the connection is between this term and the newGenesis processor cooler from the Taiwanese Prolimatech manufacturer. I think the company believes that this new product starts a new “era of super-coolers”, i.e. it should cause a revolution in the CPU cooling market by offering overclockers the most efficient cooling for their CPUs.

I have to admit that the cooler does look very unusual and promising at first glance. Let’s find out if it proves up to our expectations and if Prolimatech Genesis will indeed become a super-cooler of the new era.

Packaging and Accessories
The cardboard box with Prolimatech Genesis has a plastic carry handle, which is very handy for a large package like this:

It is not only super-reliable due to side inserts made of polyurethane foam, but is also quite informative, as it tells us not only the cooler model name and supported platforms, but also lists its detailed technical specifications, dimensions and bundled accessories.
The bundle includes a lot of different items that are necessary for successful installation of the cooler:
Among them we should specifically mention Prolimatech PK-1 thermal paste, which proved quite effective in one of our earlier test session. I also have to stress that the cooler come without any fans.

Prolimatech Genesis is made in China and retails for about $70.

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