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Gizmodo Shooting Challenge: Inusuales puntos de vista

Excelente, como siempre, el certámen de lectores fotógrafos de Gizmodo, esta vez, con puntos de vista muy fuera de los cotidianos :)

45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable Perspectives

45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable PerspectivesThis is the view from the last drops of your water bottle. And here are 44 more brilliantly conceptualized photos from this week's Shooting Challenge:

Lead Shot - From the Eyes of Backwash

The perspective of my bottled water...I cut off the bottom of a one liter sized bottle of water, fit it over the lens and posed for it. It was more of challenge to turn it into a self portrait. I tried it with a beer bottle, but even the smaller 58mm (filter size) lenses didn't fit, I just ended up with several jaggedly broken beer bottles before i decided to try the perspective of the bottle i was actually drinking from...Shot with a Canon Rebel XSi, Sigma 17-70mm 2.8-4 Macro HSM Lens @ 58mm, ISO 100, 1/50, f/4.
-Esmer Olvera

Canon Fodder

45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable Perspectives
I took this photo in Edinburgh, Scotland from the Edinburgh castle. I had left on Thursday the 21st and before I went to Edinburgh I checked what the Shooting Challenge of the week was and thought that I could possibly do this challenge. My camera is placed on top of one of the original cannons of the Edinburgh Castle. This is the view point that a shooter of one of the cannons would have had when fighting a war back in the 16th century. Now it is a modern and beautiful city, but I could only imagine then what this picture would look like. I used a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS, ISO of 80, 1/800.
-Alexa Kaminsky

Shooting From the Stirrups

45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable Perspectives
My 5d sat this one out, and instead I attached my GoPro HD (yes it takes pictures too) to the engine block of my friend's motorcycle. To capture this shot I put the GoPro in timelapse mode to take a photo every 2 seconds. This picture is from the turn onto Huron River Drive, one of the most scenic drives in Ann Arbor, MI. Unfortunately the GoPro doesn't shoot RAW, but a quick contrast curve and straightening in photoshop did wonders anyway.
-Charlie Dwyer


45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable Perspectives
This is my 50mm lens aperture. I set up my Nikon D70s with a 105mm macro lens, on f/32, pointed straight at the 50mm. I placed a sticky note, with the letters "CH" on it, behind the 50mm and a red light behind that. I finally got enough light with a 30 sec exposure at ISO 200. I had to set the aperture up to f/32 in order to get the depth, every other time you couldn't read the letters behind the aperture.
-Howard Hunt

I Like To Ride My Bicycle

45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable Perspectives
I used Gaffer's Tape to tape up my camera to my bicycle. The bike is a Mixte Frame, so it made it easy to position the camera. I used a remote shutter to trigger the camera over and over while riding around the block as fast as I could. Pulled into photoshop for levels and color adjustment. Shot with a Canon XTi and the Sigma 10-20mm set at 10mm, F22, and aperture priority (1/10s).
-Matthew Neuman

The Mouse Won't Play

45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable Perspectives
Point of view of a mouse being dangerously stalked. Carved a hole in a cardboard box and put camera inside. The main difficulty was not the lighting (a couple of desk lamps set around the box), but getting Manly here to cooperate by luring him with a string going into the box (seen out of focus). Nikon D40 w/ 35mm f/1.8 Nikor lens. ISO 200, f/2 and 1/15" exposure.
-Jorge Jimenez

The Beer Monster Cometh

45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable Perspectives
I wanted to come up with a reverse point of view for this image. As mentioned in the challenge, 98% of most photos are from the view of a person. I wanted to see it in the eyes of an object. This shot was the second option I came up with, and the most practical of the two. My first idea was to take a shot from inside my toilet bowl. But voluntarily putting $3,000 worth of camera equipment into the same
place I take a dump every day didn't seem like the greatest idea. So it was off to the fridge!

I took about 50 shots of my father and myself in total, in hopes of getting the correct focus point and composition. It was difficult as I could not check the LCD screen unless I took the camera out, which was
balanced on top of jelly jars. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 17-40mm f/4L lens, and wireless shutter remote. 1/25th, ISO 4000, f/4.0
-Julion Bush


45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable Perspectives
I went inside a pumpkin! I carved a peek-a-boo hole in the back rather than the top to allow for the lens. Sat Mr. Pumpkin on a stool and tilted him up a bit with a mitten tucked under his front. My Gorillapod (love it) was very handy to get a preferred perspective. Discovered that the balcony rail and neighboring building make excellent teeth. The rail is lit by a 40W lamp ~4ft away. Woke up for sunrise the next morning to see what that might turn out... Here it is— Good Morning! Edits only include removal of a few noise dots and a crop. As a side note, there is an airplane in the lower right eye. Olympus E-510, 14-42mm, 1.3", F22, ISO 100.
-Lea Chambers

Thanks to all those who risked lens and limb for this week's challenge. Be sure to admire all the entries in the gallery below (seriously, the highlighted photos barely do each week justice) or snag the full size shots on flickr. Also, remember that you can be photographing and submitting Fall Leaves.


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