martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Los lentes de tu cámara, más seguros que nunca

Put Your Lens in a Bomb Shelter with This Rugged Case

Beta Shells are made for those of you planning on taking your DSLR beyond Christmas dinner centerpiece shots—say, a mountain, or in the snow. Each is made from super-tough polymer, sealed against the weather, and padded with foam.

The rundown of the Beta Shell's specs are full of brawniness—steel screws, adhesive-blocked seams, neoprene and visco-elastic impact foam—the point being that you can drop this sucker, have it rained on, and maybe have a wolf take a chomp at it, and the delicate lens inside will stand a decent chance of survival. The cases come in two sizes—for lenses with max external diamaters of 68mm or 87mm.

And here, in case you are skeptical, is a video of a Beta Shell being run over by a truck.

The truck run-over test settles all doubts.


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