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Backups automáticos para las imágenes de tu Android


There’s a new app which will automatically back up images wirelessly when users get near their computer. The app, dubbed SugarSync, automatically backs up any images, documents, and folders to all your computers. In addition, SugarSync backs up to the cloud as well. There’s no connecting, no selecting, and Sugar Sync doesn’t even have to be running resident for it to happen.

The process is called “autosync” and it also works with folders as well. So users can sync documents to and from their PC to the Android. Any work done to documents is then backed up back to the cloud and your PCs. It’s an ideal solution for business travelers looking for a simple sync solution.

Users just set up autosync in the app by pressing the menu button, choosing settings and enabling the autosync options. Users can also customize when and how the autosync happens. So, for instance, a WiFi only option can be made in order to save on data caps and battery life. Or, a time interval can be set to that autosync backs up when you want.


[via SugarSync Blog]

Fuente: http://androidcommunity.com/sugarsync-automatically-backs-up-images-20110425/

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