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Súper Análisis: Cooler para procesadores Prolimatech Genesis

Prolimatech Genesis CPU Heatsink: Retaking the Crown

In early 2009 we received a CPU cooler sample from a Taiwanese company previously unknown to us. It arrived with little fanfare in a battered plain box with few markings. That product was the Prolimatech Megahalems which decisively outperformed all of the heatsinks we had tested previously. Prolimatech had only been founded the year before, and banked their success on the Megahalems, the company's only product at the time.

The Megahalems remains near the top of our performance chart, at least amongst single fan coolers. It was a huge cooler in its day, but its size is not uncommon inowadays. Like many other PC enthusiast products, CPU heatsinks have continued growing. We're now seeing even larger behemoths that have ballooned to well over 1 kilogram thanks to the trend of dual fan designs. The Genesis is Prolimatech's big dual 14 cm fan cooler, a unique design to take on the latest titanic competitors.

The box.

The package contents.

Like other dual fan heatsinks, the Genesis features a split design, with heatpipes and fins separated into two distinct portions. However the Genesis has made the unorthodox move of twisting the heatpipes so that the second section is perpendicular to the first, parallel with the motherboard. There's a vertical fin-stack on the rear side that stands tall like every other tower cooler, and a horizontal one that sits off to the opposite side of the CPU socket, hanging above the memory slots. It is a hybrid design that provides both side-to-side and top-down airflow.

Mounting hardware.

Prolimatech also finally showed AMD some love by supporting AMD mounting out of the box for the Genesis. Their previous coolers such as the Megahalems and Armageddon were Intel only, with an AMD mounting kit offered separately. This time around all modern desktop sockets are supported from AM2 to AM3 and LGA775 to LGA1366. The gear is packed in a myriad of plastic bags, separating each set of screws in an obsessive compulsive manner.

The Red Vortex 14 LED.

Like earlier Prolimatech heatsinks, the Genesis ships bare without any fans. However, a pair of their aftermarket LED fans were also supplied. The Red Vortex 14 LED is a translucent 14 cm 1000 RPM fan with a sleeve bearings, a 3-pin connector, and red LEDs adhered to the corners with thick globs of glue. The package comes with a 3-pin to molex adapter and standard fan screws.


Prolimatech Genesis: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
* High clearance for better motherboard compatibility. Chipset and VRM heatsinks typically aren't an issue but memory manufacturers often use ridiculously tall heatspreaders that could cause interference.
* Massive cooling range; cools not only CPU but also MOSFET and RAM. Top-down cooling can increase stability and energy efficiency, especially when overclocking.
* Cooler surrounding temperature allowing more stable environment for higher overclock. So large it lowers the ambient temperature?
* Takes both 12 and 14cm fans for a maximum installation of 3 fans. Two should suffice.
* Six high quality heatpipes for effective heat transfer. Okay.
* Light weight at 0.800 kg (without fans) in the high-end class. 800 grams is considered light for a large dual fan heatsink.
* Intel and AMD platform supported. All mounting hardware are included. AMD support at last.

Prolimatech Genesis: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Heatsink Dimension (L)146mm X (W)216.5mm X (H)160mm
Heatsink Weight 800 g(without fan)
Suggest Fan 120x25 mm and/or 140x25mm (2 fans)
Heatpipe Ø 6mm X 6pcs
Suggest Fan Speed 800~1600 rpm
CPU Platform Intel Socket LGA 775/1366/1156/1155 , AMD Socket AM2/2+/3

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