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Como convertir archivos .Img a .Iso en un solo paso

Convert Img To Iso

The img file format is a common disk image format that is supported by the majority of CD and DVD burning and disk mounting programs. Sometimes though you might want to convert the img format to Iso, for instance if the program that you are using for a specific task is not supporting the img format at all.

While it might work to simply rename the img file extension to iso, it sometimes is not that simple to convert the file. The Img to Iso converter has been created for those cases.

convert img to iso

The program interface is very minimalistic. There are barely any options available, not that one would expect a lot of options in a converter like this.

You select the source img file with a click on open. This opens the computer’s file browser where you can navigate to the folder containing the img disk file. Img to Iso supports both *.img and *.ima files. The files in the file browser are automatically filtered so that only those two formats are displayed.

A click on save in the Iso file line opens the very same file browser. This time though you need to specify a file name and location for the Iso file that the Img file is converted to.

A click on the Convert button starts the conversion process. This usually does not take long. The program does not alter or delete the Img file after the process. You may want to delete it manually after verifying that the Iso image works properly.

Windows users can download the free Img to Iso converter from the developer website. The program is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. It uses Microsoft’s Virtual Hard Disk technology for its functionality, which means that the program needs to be started with elevated rights on the supported operating systems.


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