viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Mozo… Hay un agujero en mi copa de whisky!

There's a Hole in This Whiskey Glass

There's a Hole in This Whiskey Glass

I butcher my whiskey with rocks. I know, I'm sorry. But! If I had this whiskey glass I probably wouldn't. Why? Because there's a freaking hole inside the glass. Apparently, the hole will make you appreciate whiskey more.

There's a Hole in This Whiskey Glass
Called L'Art de la Dégustation, the glasses were designed by Kacper Hamilton (the guy behind the "deadly" wine glasses) and come with a metal base that fits perfectly inside the hole (in case you need to chill the whiskey a bit).

The idea behind the hole in the glass is to "create a more engaging experience when drinking whiskey". You're encouraged to circulate the whiskey around the hole and appreciate the color, smell and taste. I'm all for enjoying whiskey but I don't want to drink slow! More faster, more whiskey, more enjoyment. [Kacper Hamilton via The Awesomer]


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