viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Yahoo mágicamente restaura la cuenta de Flickr con las 4000 fotos perdidas

Yahoo recently deleted Mirco Wilhelm's Flickr account by accident. After apologizing and saying the account would be restored, but the 4,000 pictures could not be recovered, the story received a lot of coverage (link to our original story). In a surprise turnaround, Flickr has managed to restore Wilhelm's account.

All the pictures seem to be present, although he says he still can't login. "My account has been restored through some magical recovery process, Flickr 'doesn't have'... Everything looks good from the outside, but I still can't login," Wilhelm wrote on his Posterous blog. "One of the messages from the staff told me they will send me instructions, once everything has been restored to prevent data mixups, so I guess I will have that by some time tomorrow."

Here is Flickr's new letter regarding Wilhelm's account:

Hi Mirco,

Just a quick update. Your account has been restored including photos, comments, groups, etc. External links pointing to these photos were restored yesterday. There are a couple last things we need to do in your account. When that's all done we will send you an email with info on how to log back in.

As noted before, we've added 25 years of Pro to your account and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


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