lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Se asoman nuevas características en video de Windows 8 y su nueva interfaz

New Leak of Windows 8; New Videos of Metro UI

Check out the unlock pattern screen and the webcam interface!

Leaks of Windows 8 are very real, and now we have a whole new build that's been been put on P2P sharing and FTPs.

According to the public forum Beta Archive, the new leak of Windows 8 is Milestone 2 and carries a build number of 6.2.7955.

The anonymous user who leaked it provided the following notes about unlockable new features:

You can unlock the following:

- Ribbon UI

- Application Folder (now working, in 7850 it was broken)

- Full DWM (hideblur)

The following requires the ''red pill'':

- Webcam

- Login (that ugly guy with ctrl+alt+del, the fishy wallpaper, pattern login)

- TaskUI (new taskmanager)

- PDF Reader

- Immersive Browser

Also new and spotted on the MyDigitalLife forums are a couple of videos showing a touch-based unlocking pattern and a native webcam application. (WARNING: There is some slightly NSFW content in the first video.)

Windows 8 Touch Unlock

Windows 8 Webcam Application


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