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Nueva línea de gabinetes para gamers de NZXT: Phantom y Vulcan

Our today’s review will talk about two NZXT gaming system cases of totally different size and appearance: a powerful and unique-looking Phantom and its younger brother – solid black Vulcan.

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It’s no secret that most users prefer to assemble their computers in midi-tower system cases which are the most versatile and easy to deal with. We tested one such product from the American NZXTbefore but that was the rather unassuming Beta EVO. This time around we’ve got two completely new system cases that belong to the company’s more exciting Crafted series: the eye-catching Phantomand the less flashy Vulcan. The former is meant for computer enthusiasts, judging by its size and exterior, whereas the latter, being a micro-ATX product, is supposed to serve as a portable gaming station. Let’s see if these products are really as good as they claim to be.

Closer Look at NZXT Phantom

The designers have done a very good job on the Phantom. This system case looks just gorgeous, provoking associations with the Star Wars movies. The angular, asymmetric shape of the front and top panels makes it different from regular system cases. Its size and weight are remarkable as well. The Phantom is big and heavy. It can easily accommodate Extended-ATX mainboards and longest graphics cards, but you won't find it easy to move it around.

Fuente y nota completa: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cases/display/nzxt-phantom-vulcan.html

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