domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

¿Como funciona una Polaroid?


beforeInstant prints magically develop before our eyes. How do they work?

The bottom part of your instant prints contain something very special inside: a mini-darkroom!

That’s right, that tiny pouch on the bottom of your picture is actually holding packets of gooey chemicals that develop your film for you while you watch!

When your instant camera takes a picture, the light travels through the lens and lands on the surface of your instant film.


Then, your instant camera ejects the picture in between two metal rollers. The rollers pinch the chemical packets on the bottom of your film, break them open, and spread the developer chemicals all over the surface of your image.

Watch your instant image develop and you’re actually watching a chemical reaction in a mini-science lab!

BTW, did you know instant film still exists? Try an Instax Camera or the Impossible Project’sPX Films (which work with Polaroid cameras!).


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